Based on an idea from Angelo Seminara, this is an instrument that revolutionised the approach to color by giving free rein to creativity, providing final results with an incredibly natural look.

Flamboyage is a coloring service offered in Davines salons by using our Flamboyage Meche. It is a coloring tool that can enhance hair’s natural reflects by creating natural patterns and blends of bright and saturated tones with natural bases.

Flamboyage Meche is an easy-to-use adhesive strip that allows for accurate yet creative coloring, by quickly and easily selecting and isolating a small random amount of hair, which remains firmly attached to the strip, creating a new surface to work on. The transparent design of the material makes it easy to check the development of the color during the processing time.

With the support of this convenient, versatile and very user-friendly coloring tool, the colorist can obtain results that would be impossible to create with a freehand technique. Reflects can be adjusted in terms of intensity by following the needs of the customer and hair stylist.

The Flamboyage color service guarantees an even chromatic result with  minimal regrowth.

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