The Circle Chronicles



How many times do daily activities, city-life, commitments influence our choices? Almost all the time. Every day we express our personality on the basis of preferences decided on the spare of the moment: we are city dwellers, we love culture, we are active in sports, we identify with a group or many groups at the same time, in “clubs-of”, and we tend to recognize those who share our same interests and our agenda or have common passions and needs.


What if there were a hair beauty routine offer customizable according to your own needs? That is The Circle Chronicles, a scalp and hair line of masks designed to keep up with your rhythm and your impromptu needs.


Five new masks, different in fragrance and colour, with a common denominator: an immediate cosmetic performance. Formulated in Davines laboratories with high percentages of natural origin ingredients, such as clays, charcoal and vegetable oils, they have a special character and original packaging, extremely convenient for travelling, the gym or a weekend in the country. They are thin and fit in the pocket because they were designed as single-use for the needs of the moment, to easily change from one to the other, choosing each time what is perfect for our hair.



A extraordinary illuminating hair mask that adds a boost of shine to the cut and color.

-Perfect for all hair, particularly dull hair
-Gives extra shine
-Polishes and smooths
-High conditioning effect
-Deeply moisturizes without weighing hair down



Express fix hair mask. It hydrates and detangles hair in only 3 minutes, making it soft, silky and manageable.

– Perfect for all hair, especially when you’re in a hurry
– Extra conditioning effect
– Gives extreme volume and hydration



Repairing hair mask that gives new life to hair damaged from heat styling, sun, chlorine, or frequent color services. Restores healthy shine, nourishment and softness to hair. Also perfect for those who love outdoor sports or swimming.

– Perfect for extremely damaged hair
– Provides deep nourishment
– Adds shine
– Highly conditioning



Reinvigorating mask that gives back energy, volume and hydration to the hair and scalp. It wakes hair up after stressful situations (flights, nights out) or exposure to extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, UV rays).

– Perfect for stressed hair
– Restores extra tone and volume
– Gives hydration
– High conditioning effect



Reviving, purifying and antioxidants calp and hair mask that removes impurities from pollution (dust, heavy metals) and completes the perfect purifying routine.

-Anti-pollution and anit-oxidant
-New life to scalp and hair
-Alto potere condizionante
-High conditioning effect



Each mask is unique and dedicated to a specific need, but there may be a need to use more than one at the same time. If we look at our own commitments, life and beauty needs may change according to our daily schedule, sometimes we have different needs at the same time and, as it happens with make up, we may need to hydrate the face but mattify or brighten up or nourish some other spots. Our hair too may have different needs: we want to detoxify our scalp, but protect the ends, or maybe moisturise the length and re-energize the scalp. The Circle Chronicles line offers a quick and efficient multi-masking treatment by applying different masks and at the same time addressing different hair needs with the setting time of a single mask.